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What is pre-design?

What is the meaning of pre-design? Many industry terms fall under the umbrella of pre-design: preliminary program, space allocation summary, space needs assessment, code and zoning analysis, process flow, visioning session, pre-planning questionnaire, creative brand brief, site selection, goals and…

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Jeff Eaton

Meet the Team: Jeff Eaton

Your name: Jeff Eaton What do you do at Iconica? Design Project Manager How long have you worked here? 22 years What do you love about your job? The variety of project types we get to work on, the coworkers,…

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Design Charette Blog Cover

What is a Design Charrette?

Definition: A design charrette is a short, collaborative meeting during which a member or client can share their work with members of their team. They can talk through, collaborate, and sketch designs to explore and share a broad diversity of design ideas.…

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Susan Sowatzke Meet The Team

Meet the Team: Susan Sowatzke

What is your name? Susan Sowatzke How long have you worked at Iconica? Three years What is your position at Iconica? Chief Financial Officer What led you to accounting and construction? Initially, I began college with the mindset that I…

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Jordan Byers Meet The Team Photo

Meet the Team: Jordan Byers

What is your name? Jordan Byers How long have you worked at Iconica? 3.5 years What is your position at Iconica? I am on the architectural team. My job is like building with Legos, except I use a 3D based…

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Iconica is thrilled to support Developer Anthony Gray on his first commercial project, ‘The ADDI.’ The housing complex is focused on 20 percent workforce housing and the remainder market rate. The building will be on University Avenue in Middleton, close…

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Meet the Team: Chad Faber

Your name: Chad Faber What do you do at Iconica? I am an engineer with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and manage the MPE (Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical) department, meaning that I work with both clients and staff. I enjoy…

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