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ACE the food truck

Meet ACE, Iconica’s Food Truck

At Iconica, we appreciate all the things — big and little — that go into each project we work on. One way we’ve chosen to show that gratitude? A food truck! Mobile, fun, and friendly, ACE allows us to thank our staff and subcontractors for the care and attention to detail they show day in and day out — and to celebrate with our clients, whether at completion of a project, in honor of a major milestone, or just because. Take a look at these videos to see what ACE is all about.

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Adventures With ACE Series

ACE is interested in adopting a pet to join on adventures and gets the opportunity to meet some furry friends. Episode 9 of Adventures of ACE is here. Come along for the ride!

March Madness is in full swing, and ACE is ready to join in the basketball festivities! Tune in for the next episode of Adventures with ACE as ACE takes a shot at playing basketball and participating in the Iconica Office Bracket Challenge.

Valentines Day has come and gone, and ACE is feeling lonely. After an unsuccessful attempt at meeting true love, ACE is reminded that love can come in many forms. Check out Episode 7 of Adventures with ACE!

ACE has a New Year’s resolution to be healthy and in top shape for 2022. Join us in Episode 6 as ACE sets off on a wellness adventure. First up, we talk with experts in health and wellness, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin. Next, we stop by local organization, Girls on the Run of South Central Wisconsin to learn about the great work they are doing to promote better physical and mental health for young girls in the community. Oh, and you don’t want to miss a fun surprise at the end. Come along for the ride!

When Santa is in a bind, ACE and the Iconica team step in to help spread some holiday cheer around the Madison community. Check out the next episode of Adventures with ACE!

We all have bad days, and ACE is no different. But sometimes, a friend appears to make things better. Tune in for Episode 4 of Adventures with ACE!

Calling all book lovers! ACE really enjoys reading and wants to spread his excitement for books around. Come along as ACE heads to the Middleton Public Library and Madison Reading Project to learn more about these great reading resources. Also, can food trucks get library cards?

ACE the food truck is back with his next adventure! In episode 2, watch ACE visit local businesses in neighboring Middleton, Wisconsin, with a few surprises along the way.

Say hello to Iconica’s food truck in the first episode of our new “Adventures with ACE” series! Watch ACE and Iconica President and CEO, Jim Pientka get ready for the day.

ACE On The Road

We do things a little differently than other companies. Head with us on the road and hear how a food truck gives us fresh opportunities to serve our community.

ACE made its way to Middleton to check out the almost-finished Cardinal View Senior Living facility and bring lunch to the construction team as a thank you for all their hard work!

See how ACE, the Iconica food truck, brought some holiday pizza cheer to the crews at the Cardinal View Senior Living job site.

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