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We do things differently: Iconica’s 3-Step process

Iconica approaches the business of designing a building a little differently, and this unique approach has served our firm, and our clients, extremely well.

Cost and schedule constraints can quickly squash the excitement of a project. Iconica has developed a unique roadmap to success that approaches each project one step at a time, putting the client in control of decisions leading to better outcomes for their business. This approach has provided Iconica with a proven record of solving problems, maintaining safety, minimizing disruptions, and keeping projects within budget.

We follow this three-step process on all projects:

Step One: Verify and Clarify     

First, we verify and clarify. We want to make sure that we are designing the building the client wants and needs, not what we think they should have. Discussing staff needs, equipment needs, and future needs helps confirm space quantities and layout. We make sure the client’s project vision aligns with their budget and schedule. Otherwise, we are not serving them in the way they deserve.

Step Two: Design and Price

Second, we design and price. Iconica is a single-source architecture, engineering, and general contracting firm. For each project, team members progress through the design together, checking that products and systems selected are within budget and meet project goals. We create a detailed plan set, tailored to get the client the most value during bidding. We know good design, partnered with fiscal responsibility, leads to better outcomes for the client’s business.

Step Three: Execute as Promised

Third, we execute as promised. For each part of the project, we match subcontractors that will be the best fit on price, quality, and schedule. Expectations are clearly communicated prior to the start of each trade. Construction managers and superintendents focus on the client’s project goals as they complete construction.

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