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Celebrating 50 years of doing things differently.

Iconica is not just an architecture, construction, or engineering firm. It is the intertwined effort of all three to create better outcomes for our clients. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary and look back at the past five decades of doing things differently, we are reminded of the importance of learning, experiencing, and focusing on our values and behaviors. As part of this celebration, we want to share 50 iconic lessons that emphasize our core values and further differentiate how we approach projects.

50 Iconic Lessons

1 – Celebrate Success!

At Iconica, we believe that success should always be celebrated! That’s why we ring our gong to recognize our employees. Whether we are celebrating new employees, projects, or personal achievements, the gong is always a great thing to hear. We’re kicking off our series of 50 iconic lessons with a reminder to prioritize celebrating your successes.

2 – Change is good.

Embracing change is essential to growth. Here are a few things we’ve learned about how change can be good!

3 – What’s in a company name?

Our company has changed its name three times, but each time it’s been to better express who we are.
Be a friend
4 – Be a Friend.
Kindness is contagious! At Iconica, we understand the importance of friendship and giving back. A few years back, our President and CEO, Jim Pientka, gave each manager at Iconica a smiley face balloon. He asked them to share the balloon with another employee and tell that person why they appreciated them. Then, the person receiving the balloon was to do the same to another employee, and so on.
50 iconic lessons reading
5 – Read, read, read.
Reading has the power to open up our minds and broaden our horizons; here are a few books that have taught us incredible lessons.

6 – Be a Sparkler

Being a sparkler is more than just shining – it’s about inspiring those around you and recognizing the contributions of others. At Iconica, we make it our mission to be someone that elevates those around us.

7 – Listen Generously

At Iconica, we take the time to stop and listen generously. It’s not just about listening to respond – it’s about showing empathy and understanding and giving our full attention to others. Connecting on a deeper level helps us grow personally and professionally!

8 – Food Brings People Together

Nothing brings people together like a good meal! 🍽️ We use our food truck, ACE, for employee appreciation days, client socials, subcontractor lunches, and giving back to the community. We love seeing everyone come together over delicious food!
9 – Make a Difference
At Iconica, we recognize that every act of kindness counts, and that’s why we offer our employees paid time off to volunteer.
10 – Yes, And
It’s all about saying “Yes, And” at Iconica! We embrace creativity, optimism, and teamwork to get excited about thinking outside the box and making ideas bigger, better, and bolder.

11 – Inspire Others

Every great accomplishment starts with a vision. Our team collaborated on a mural for MSCR West to inspire others that anything is possible. Check it out & be inspired!

12 – Boost the Fun Factor

Here at Iconica, we take our lessons with a side of fun! We believe in treating each other respectfully and injecting joy into every day.
13 – Safety
Safety isn’t just a job requirement – it’s part of our culture here at Iconica! From always wearing personal protective equipment to conducting job site toolbox talks, we ensure every step is taken to keep everyone safe.
14 – Lunch and Learns
Embracing a culture of continuous learning, we provide lunch and learns as a platform to share knowledge, develop professionally, collaborate, and enrich ourselves personally.

15 – Find A Way

At Iconica, we’ve learned the value of finding a way: embracing resourcefulness and staying resilient in the face of challenges. We believe in seeking solutions rather than making excuses and putting in the extra effort to complete a project. Our integrated design-build approach allows us to deliver results that we’re proud of, with expertise in architecture, construction, and engineering all under one roof.

16 – Build a Culture, not a Company

We believe in more than just creating a successful business. We are passionate about cultivating a thriving culture that embraces work-life balance and prioritizes our team members’ well-being.

17 – Ask Questions

Our 2023 interns had a unanimous piece of advice for future interns: embrace the power of asking questions. As we continue celebrating our 50th anniversary, we’re reminded that curiosity has been the cornerstone of our success. Here’s to 50 years of growth and learning, driven by the simple yet impactful act of asking questions.

18 – Thank You
Gratitude is our superpower! Whether it’s a heartfelt card, a client appreciation lunch with ACE, our food truck, or a simple smile, we believe in saying thank you sincerely.

19 – Embrace Change

We understand that change is an integral part of the design-build journey. Our job is not just to build but to transform, evolve, and ensure that our client’s needs and wishes are met and exceeded.

20 – Teamwork
As a design-build firm, we have learned that working as one team under one roof is a true advantage. We have architects, construction professionals, and engineers, all blending their unique skills to tackle any project. Trusting our co-workers and valuing their contributions is one of our keys to success. Check out these fun photos of our team at various team-building events. Go team!
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