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Recognizing Revolutionaries: Drone Technology in Construction

While drones have had many uses throughout history, in the past few years, this revolutionary technology has become especially useful to the construction industry. Drone technology has features such as GPS, cameras, thermal sensors, and software that can provide efficiency, safety, communication, and cost-cutting for projects. Uses for drones in construction include:

  • Remotely monitoring construction project progress
  • Providing construction site surveillance
  • Topographic mapping and land surveys
  • Equipment tracking and automating
  • Structure inspections
  • Project video and photography

There are two types of drones commonly used in construction, the fixed-wing drone, and the rotary drone. The fixed-wing drone is used for mapping and scanning over long distances, while the rotary drone is used for inspection and surveillance over short distances.

Iconica uses drones on project sites to shoot high-resolution photos and videos for marketing and monitoring construction progress. Iconica is also beginning to use drones for interior and exterior site inspections, on-site cut/fill analysis, obtaining site elevations to help determine the potential for water and drainage damage, and laser scanning to create 3D models that can be converted to point clouds to use in design.

Check out some of our drone footage below!

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