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Iconica Attends Local READ(y) to Wear Fashion Show

Iconica participated this past weekend in a design competition for paper fashion! The design team; Kathy Pientka, Jenny Dechant, Ryan Johnson, Ivy Martin, and Susan Sowatzke put in many hours of creative work and design to create a paper suit. Their inspiration was Shel Silverstein’s book, “The Giving Tree.” Ryan modeled the suit on the catwalk in front of 250 people. The team won best literary reference and tied with ZenDesk for the best corporate team.

Photo Credit: Joel Ondercin
The competition is named, READ(y) to Wear, and is a fundraiser for Madison Reading Project, a local nonprofit providing children’s literacy programming for underserved children in the greater Dane County area. The nonprofit hosts the fashion-forward challenge to teams who compete in creating the clothing along with modeling it on the catwalk. Twelve teams competed for best design, and five other categories. We were thrilled with the win, but more so in helping raise funds and awareness for the organization.
Founder and Director of Madison Reading Project, Rowan Childs and Iconica model, Ryan Johnson
Along with all the teamwork from our staff, we also want to recognize our employee, Rowan Childs. She is the founder and director of Madison Reading Project. The competition is a great all-around team and community project for us to be involved in.
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