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The Iconica Office Olympics

Office Olympics 3We are closing in on the end of the Olympics. Not the international Olympics but our own Office Olympics. We decided to go full steam and created some unique sporting challenges to get coworkers to participate, out of their regular interactions, and build comradery. A creative committee formed to develop the events and transformed the office into an Olympic Village.

Before launching the “Opening Ceremonies,” we decided to split the Iconica office into East and West, complete with a border. A little friendly competition started up right away between the two teams. The Olympic village sports all of the game venues, concessions, security office, first aid station, currency exchange, athletes lounge, media center, and the Olympic Commissioner’s headquarters. Signage posted in each area was the first clue to employees that we were going to take the games seriously (fun) and excitement and anticipation began to rise.

Office Olympics EastOffice Olympics West

All the games have a fun twist to them. Instead of traditional winter sports, they are all played inside and have been adjusted to make them interactive and accessible for all players. Employees were curious as to how we would create an indoor ski jump or play hockey in the office. The games have uniquely leveled the field, with winning athletes and teams at a variety of departments and ages. As Ryan Johnson said after playing “Ski Jump,” “I thought I would be better at this.” Ryan is an ultramarathoner in his free time but lost to project manager, Scott Strutt. Scott added, “I was playing to win and then head out for my lunch!” Rob Schreiber, also a project manager, “This is one of the most fun and competitive activities I have participated in.”

This week’s games include curling and snowball toss before the closing ceremonies on Friday. All athletes are eager to continue winning medals and points for their teams. As Amanda Lutz, HR Manager said, “Office Olympics has been a great way to bring our office together during the day for some friendly competition. It has been fun watching everyone get involved and compete in the games!” Steve Carbin added, “I love that the firm takes time to put together cool little events like this, as it is fun to interact with my coworkers differently.”

Office Olympics

Our Iconica team works hard for our clients, and for each other on a daily basis.  Our Olympic games have given all of us a chance to work together as a team just for fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, an engineer or part of the admin staff, we all have an equal chance to win or flame out while shooting ping pong balls up a giant “ski hill.”  The great part is watching teams encourage and cheer for each other, and laughing together when things go askew.

The games’ closing ceremony is on Friday afternoon, complete with a strike of the gong for the winning team, passing of the torch, and congratulating all the players. Snacks, drinks, and perhaps some Olympic singing will ensue!

Office Olympics 2

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