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Game On, Beacon Hoops Classic

On Saturday, October 28th, thirty players on four teams enjoyed a fun, social morning of playing 30-minute games of basketball to raise funds for The Beacon. The Beacon is a new a homeless day center operated by Catholic Charities. Nearly $20,000 was raised.

Iconica staff, Jordan Byers and Josh Stanz were part of the basketball tourney, and ultimately the winning, orange team.

“It was nice to play a part in raising money for an organization that serves on average 180 homeless individuals daily, ranging from infants to the elderly. It’s truly awesome to be an employee at a business that has so much to do with outside organizations and individual development through seminars, fundraising opportunities and extracurricular activities.” said Jordan Byers.

The tournament was organized by Catholic Charities Board Member, Michael Morey.

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