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Madison Medispa

The new space for Madison Medispa not only brings calm and tranquility to clients but reflects the company’s updated brand. The earth-toned color pallet, hallway fixtures throwing soft light, and noticeable quiet allow clients to feel serene and confident that their privacy and care are the priority.

Ensuring client confidentiality was a top goal for the design of the space. Batt insulation, installed in the walls and ceilings of each room, ensures that private conversations remain within the confines of the room.

A mezzanine was designed to serve as a private staff area where employees can work or take a break, keeping any noise away from the patients. The separation preserves the tranquility of the patient areas while allowing needed interaction between staff members.

Madison Medispa is the second project completed for Dr. Boyd Erdman. “I chose Iconica for my build-out because I was familiar with the quality of their work for my first office,” said Dr. Erdman. “As a busy small business owner, I value the in-house coordination of the plan, design, and build process. I greatly appreciated the people, time savings, and peace of mind that came with having a single coordinated team. Iconica was truly a pleasure to work with.”

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Waunakee, WI


3,050 SF



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