Artisan Dental

Dr. Nicole Anderson envisioned a holistic focus to her new practice, Artisan Dental, and wanted the space to reflect her belief that health, happiness, beauty and comfort are inextricably bound. Located on the third floor of a mixed-use building in downtown Madison, the interior design evokes calm while the practice echoes the urban setting with cutting edge technology. Tall ceilings, with areas of exposed structure and engineering systems, draw the eye upward and floor-to-ceiling windows on the two exterior sides of the clinic add to the spaciousness. Glass accents are repeated throughout the interior adding color and texture. The upscale residential style waiting area results from both design elements and furnishings, as might be experienced in a living room setting. Natural materials such as wood and wool add warmth. Dr. Andersen wants her patients to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, a goal accomplished through unique and thoughtful design.

Artisan Dental Reception Desk
Artisan Dental Reception Desk
Artisan Dental Hallway
Artisan Dental Hallway
Artisan Dental Reception DeskArtisan Dental HallwayArtisan Dental Hallway
Artisan Dental exam room
Artisan Dental hallway
Artisan Dental reception desk and waiting area

Madison, WI


3,800 SF


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