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Steinhafels groundbreaking

Steinhafels Warehouse Expansion Groundbreaking

Steinhafels groundbreakingThinking of the growth and change of your business and its market is good business strategy, makes financial sense, and eases the transitions that may be needed down the road.

Steinhafels came to us over 10 years ago with a request to build a distribution center for their products. Planning and foresight on their part, and us asking the right questions on ours, are the reasons why the next phase of their expansion is expected to flow smoothly, even on a fast timeline.

This warehouse expansion groundbreaking, taking place on July 29th in Waukesha, is phase two of a multi-phase plan. The first phase was the design of the original building 10 years ago. That design began with two main considerations in mind:

The first consideration was financial. Planning ahead allowed Steinhafels to pick the right location that would support the growth of the business and expansion of the space, as well as orient the building in a way that would make expansion of the warehouse conducive to flow of people, vehicles and materials. Flow of movement that cuts down on traffic, and time creates an efficiency in operations that adds to the bottomline of savings. To maximize on that efficiency, as well as to create the proper visual effect, the design of the building favored a lateral shape, keeping a low profile along the man-made hill, while maximizing storage space inside. This was aided by placing the first floor 25 feet below grade along the West side.

Steinhafels groundbreakingThe second consideration was of expansion. Expecting a growth in business, Steinhafels directed us to accommodate a future warehouse addition in the original design. Fast forward to 2014 and the closing of the American TV & Appliance franchise. Steinhafels, an already successful brand, was able to fuel their growth even faster, spurring an immediate need for additional warehouse space.

Due for completion in September of 2016, the $10 million addition is set to fit precisely into the already booming operation. Totaling 104,340 square feet, the building will take the same considerations into play, keeping in cohesion with its parent structure.

We are excited to begin this next phase with Steinhafels, to watch their business grow and to see them add more jobs to the local economy.

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