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5400 King James Way

Premium Office Location and Value brought to Fitchburg Benjamin Investments: 5400 King James Way

The mixed use and office building on the corner of highway 151 and PD was completed in May of 2017. A highly visible corner close to Madison and all of its surrounding areas, the owner’s desire was to create a classic building with high end amenities for tenants. The project took a variety of design turns due to the future DOT off ramp, sewer, easement location, and existing buildings but the design was finalized in 2015 and the construction started in 2016. The new building features three stories with 56,000sf of office space, 120 interior parking spots, energy efficiency features, heated sidewalks, locker rooms, and lots of natural light.

Dale Benjamin, owner of Benjamin Investments has a long history of working with Iconica and its staff. “This is my third building with Iconica, and this was the most complex project we have completed together. It was a complicated construction project due to the location, engineering, parking ramp, and tenant amenities. Iconica made it happen, I had trust in the integrated team for my building. This is a long term investment I wanted done right.”

The building requests included timeless design, quality construction materials and techniques that reduced short and long term maintenance, energy efficient systems and technology to include radiant heat in the sidewalk surrounding the building and in the ramp to the parking garage, (A safer environment is created with less slip and falls by preventing ice build-up.) The building also includes VRF- Variant Refrigerated Flow system; a highly efficient heating and cooling system that gives tenants better climate control. The importance of all of these requests were communicated across the whole Iconica team through to subcontractors. The outcome from this communication is shown in the final building, but also the client appreciation of receiving what he envisioned.  “I want tenants and clients to be comfortable and not even know it. Everyone has been in an uncomfortable building before, we wanted the opposite of that. The best in the office space and amenities; natural light, comfortable temperatures, underground parking, heated sidewalks, bathrooms, and lockers. We now can offer that.”

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