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Meet the Team: Shane Buttchen

What’s your name: Shane Buttchen

How long have you worked at Iconica? Five years

What do you do at Iconica? Plumbing and electrical design, BIM/VDC coordinator, drone pilot, and 3D laser scanning. My primary focus is on plumbing design for our projects, but I also help in creating content and processes for Revit (our design software), fly our drone at job sites for aerial pictures, and use our 3D laser scanner to document existing buildings and progress of new buildings.

What do you enjoy about working on this type of design? I appreciate that it is complicated, like working on a puzzle and piecing all the different parts together. Throughout the design process, we must consider where there will be pipes, fixtures, valves, and systems that we need to fit into the architects’ plan and vision. We must piece everything together seamlessly while collaborating with the other departments.

What is one of your favorite parts of your job?
I enjoy going on job site visits to see things that I design get installed. Most of my day is at the office, and it’s great to see the site in person. I often focus on all the pipes and wires, trying to understand the process better, and making sure it is all being installed smoothly. It’s also a great way to see the crew on-site and talk through any questions or to learn a better way to design the next project.

Favorite snack? Peanut M&Ms

Has technology changed since you started in this field?
I do a lot more work in 3D now vs 2D. There is a lot more coordination of other aspects of the design process than there used to be. Technology has allowed us to foresee many more issues that may arise throughout the construction process, which minimizes the number of problems we need to fix later. Ultimately, it makes everything run a lot more smoothly.

What do you enjoy about working with other departments?
I think it’s great to get feedback and questions from the rest of the team. Our architects can see more of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design in real-time and how best to conceal it while keeping the aesthetic of their design. There is a ton of communication, which is a benefit to our clients and Iconica.

What is a new tool at work you have been using?
Iconica also recently invested in a 3D laser scanner. This will allow us to scan a site with a 360-degree laser distance meter. From this, one person can capture an entire site to create an accurate 3D model and high definition panoramic images. That 3D model can then be used in Revit and virtual walkthroughs for other team members and stakeholders without having to be on-site physically.

If you had an extra week, what would you spend it doing?
I would go up north to my family’s cabin and go snowmobiling or four-wheeling. Whether on the lakes, trails or just sitting by the campfire, creating memories with family and friends is always a great time.

What is a favorite job you have recently worked on?
Kettle Park Senior Living. It’s one of my favorites from a learning perspective. This was one of my first senior living projects where I was involved in the entire plumbing design from start to finish.

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