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Focus on energy

Lower utility bills for commercial tenants

Mechanical systems for commercial buildings can vary greatly from bare bones to a Cadillac version with all the bells and whistles. In the case of customers wanting to invest in long term savings and comfort for their tenants, we have worked successfully with Focus on Energy. Chad Faber, MPE Engineering director at Iconica, led the design for Sauk Trails Plaza II for The Gialamas Company in partnership with Focus on Energy, Alliant Energy, Madison Gas and Electric and North American Mechanical Inc. The resulting design means all tenants of this five-story office building will benefit from the lower cost utilities. Read more about Sauk Trails Plaza II here.

“Iconica has used Focus on Energy- Design Assistance for a number of projects with great success,” said Chad Faber, MPE Engineering Director at Iconica. “The program provides a cost-effective method of analyzing the benefits of utilizing energy-saving measures in a facility.”

Per Focus on Energy, “Sauk Trails Plaza II project was paid a financial incentive of $65,045 to help offset the initial investment in high-efficiency equipment. That incentive payment, combined with the estimated $77,121 in annual savings, means the energy-efficient measures will pay for themselves in a little more than seven years.”

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