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Iconica Hamilton House

Hamilton House Quilt Story

Hamilton House is a senior living and memory care facility we designed and built for Tukka Properties in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Tukka and their operations manager, Tealwood, requested an architectural design to fit with its beautiful rural surroundings which include many red barns and pastoral scenes. The plans are full of details with key specifics in mind such as barnwood timbers, a metal windmill above a fireplace, reclaimed wood shutters, paint colors from the 30s, and now a beautiful quilt to hang in the memory care lounge.

The quilt maker is our staffer, Jean Spataro. Jean works as a project assistant and has been with Iconica for four years. She is also a talented crafter, who loves to quilt. Tukka commissioned Jean to make a quilt for the home.

We interviewed Jean on how she came up with the design:

“I love that I was able to contribute to the facility and the homelike setting in the memory care center. Having a quilt to enjoy, the colors and design will hopefully bring fond memories for the residents and their family members.”

“I chose this quilt pattern because of the windmill centers which help tie it to other design elements within the senior living facility. The Martha Washington star blocks give it the feel of the era that the architecture of Hamilton House was designed around. The fabrics I selected also have patterns and colors that would have been found in that time frame.”

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