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Photos of our 3D scanning process

How The COVID-19 Pandemic is Impacting Commercial Space Design

by Jim Pientka, President & CEO

Construction is considered an essential service in Wisconsin.

At Iconica, our field teams are continuing to build and renovate where it’s safe and clients approve. Our design team is supporting in the same way as many of our clients – remotely. Architecture and engineering plans are evolving on new and ongoing projects.

At the same time, I’m thinking deeply about how to help others with some of the same problems we face: 

  • What adjustments will we need to make as we leave our sheltering-in-place lives?
  • What long-term industry changes will occur not only in areas such as health care and senior living, but also in education, banking, food service, retail, and offices in general?
  • How can office space or workflow processes support the social and collaborative needs of employees in the immediate and long-term future?

Solutions to prepare for change

Right now, we have some solutions available to plan for both known and unknown change.

3D Scanning

3D scanning lets our clients virtually walk and talk through their space with us, pointing out things that work and things that don’t.

The process starts with only one person in a client’s office. We set up a camera in multiple locations to scan the entire space — this creates a 3D model that can be modified in unlimited ways to test how a space can be revamped!

Years of Experience

Iconica has assisted businesses for many years, helping them expand, contract, or simply shuffle the parts to make their space fit their current needs. We’re finding that deep body of knowledge particularly helpful today.

An opportunity among crisis

I see this situation as a great opportunity for businesses to refresh their space while there is nobody in the office to disrupt. At the same time, I understand hesitation in some industries without knowing what our new normal will be.

When will businesses feel comfortable making capital investments to modify their physical space?

If you want to have a conversation on this topic, I welcome your thoughts. Please reach out to me using our contact form.

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