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7 Conference Room Names You’ve Never Heard Before

Many visitors to our office have been curious about our conference room names. And like most things at Iconica, those names are the result of creativity, collaboration, and a full understanding of the intent. We’re happy to share the thoughts behind the labels, to give you some insight into the people and spaces we call Iconica.

When we meet to discuss your wants, needs, budget, and schedule, it will likely be in one of these three rooms:

The Big Easy

We are your easy button. We make it easy and understandable for you. We are your agents. We take the time to learn what is most important to you so you can trust us to make the right decisions, and represent them in your projects.

Bottom Line

When we dig deep into your passions, we gain a keen awareness of both you and your company. We begin to understand what matters to you and why – your true bottom line – summing not just your financial targets, but also your cause, your reason for doing. Knowing your Why helps guide project decisions to perfectly align with your true bottom line.


Some companies make a lot of noise about how great they are. A lot of talk and a lot of words on paper. But we understand that the bigger part of who we are (two-thirds, in fact) is from real work – actions – things we do day in and day out. We focus on how we do things because we know how much better it makes your project.

To deliver a successful construction project, our professionals meet with each other in the following areas, and make magic happen:

The Arena

A constant hub of activity, the Arena is where the rubber hits the road. Problems are presented and resolved, generally with representatives from architecture, engineering, construction and even the business end, for the greater good of the projects and our clients.


In math and science, the symbol delta, a triangle, stands for change. In the course of planning any building project, things change. Rooms get bigger; mechanical systems are enhanced, finish materials are substituted. The triangle reminds us that, as things change, cost, schedule, and quality must be balanced to meet the goals of your project.

The Mélange

The room where the final design layer comes together. The spice, the flavor, the unique blend that defines the experience of space is developed here. The Mélange hosts a sea of carpet samples, different types of woods, paint pairings, metal finishes and more. The final touches of your space are envisioned here.

The Number

“What’s the number – the cost?” How many times are we asked that? Many— and, like the bottom line, we have our eye on it. We know it’s important. You can trust our reputation for delivering within your budget. You can bank on it.

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