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vonBriesen conference room

Does your space speak your language?

You might describe your company as progressive or conservative, leading-edge or well-established. Does your space say the same? Your building exterior and interior can convey your brand as clearly as your product or service. But why should you care? Consider the last place you entered for a service or business transaction. What was your impression? Did the environment dictate the outcome? Consciously or unconsciously, you likely made a decision about how that visit was going to go before a word was spoken.

vonBriesen conference room


Customers or potential customers form an opinion based on what they see as they approach your building, as they walk in the door, and as they enter and interact. The colors, textures, lighting – even the room size – will elicit a feeling in the visitor. Companies contemplating any sort of building project – whether a new build-to-suit, a move to a new tenant space, or a remodel of existing space – should consider the impact of that impression. Does your space convey confidence? Creativity? Warmth and trust? Does the feeling make that person want to return?


Your branded space also speaks to potential employees. Job seekers today evaluate opportunities based on more than just job description and salary. They consider the benefits offered, and also the environment. Culture and physical space play an important role in attracting and keeping talent. Is the environment conducive to your core values? For instance, do you value teamwork yet have no informal collaborative spaces? Getting it right will impact your attraction and retention rate and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Why you should care: BOTTOM LINE

Your space speaks confidence and a new customer signs on the line:
On a $50,000 contract with even 5% profit, that’s $2,500!

Your space beats the competition’s and an existing employee decides to stay, saving you:
Interviewing and training – 200 hours at $50 = $10,000

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