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Thompson Investment Management: Leading into the Future

The client was looking for a newly updated space where they could have more light, coworking options, a larger breakroom, a new office layout, and comfort. Iconica’s design team met and helped work through what they were looking for with the finished product, spacial needs, security, air quality, and temperature. From those initial meetings, Iconica created a road map for the design, budget, construction, and timing. Thompson Investment was ready to proceed.

The client secured a new office inside of Sauk Trails Plaza II. The building has all-glass exterior walls and a large bright interior lobby. The financial firm’s new office is on the second floor, immediately doubling the amount of light from the outside and even the interior lobby space. The building has an advanced HVAC system that is energy efficient and very comfortable for staff throughout the seasons.

Architect Jeremy Frommelt and Ethan Mohoney worked through the space to come up with the best layout for the investment firm. The result is a modern and bright office with updated furnishings, colors, and amenities. The new plan gives staff exterior offices filled with natural lighting, coworking spaces in the corners to provide everyone natural daylighting, a larger central breakroom, and conference rooms.

An example of keeping the client’s needs in mind while adding more light was adding larger sidelights to private offices. “The light flows through the door panel and sidelight, and then we added decorative window film to the glass so that there was still privacy for each office,” said Frommelt. The office has natural light flowing in from three sides of the office and the interior lobby. We wanted to keep that feel and still give the employees the privacy they need for their tasks. “The lighting we added was modern, but with more of a comfortable and warmer feel. Less commercial, giving the feel of a homier comfort to the offices and coworking areas.”

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