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Inspire Early Childhood Groundbreaking

Inspire Early Childhood celebrated their groundbreaking on Thursday, April 12th with the owner, Bob Davis, his family and friends, investors, Iconica team, city officials, and bankers.

Inspire Groundbreaking - main image

The 23,000 sf building will be a unique educational experience to the Middleton/Waunakee/ Westport area. The Frank Lloyd Wright inspired building is set on 40 acres across from Governor Nelson State Park.

Owner, Bob Davis said, “We are thrilled to bring an amazing new experience to area children. Children’s first learning experience should be rich, engaging and captivating. Our campus will have zoo animals, five unique playgrounds, and direct access to the 244 acres of Governor Nelson State Park. The facility will provide an experience that will shape and nurture the way children think and feel about learning.”

The animals Davis mentions include Zebra, Kangaroos, Camels, an Aviary for a variety of birds, and ring-tailed Lemurs.  “Imagine not only being able to read about a kangaroo in a book but being able to see, hear, smell and interact with them daily. It’s an experience to promote further curiosity, interest, and imagination. “

Chris Knipfel will be the superintendent, and Justin D’All Osto is the project manager for the project.

Inspire Groundbreaking
Inspire Groundbreaking
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Inspire GroundbreakingInspire Groundbreaking 8Inspire Groundbreaking 10Inspire Groundbreaking 5Inspire Groundbreaking 9Inspire Groundbreaking 6Inspire Groundbreaking 7Inspire Groundbreaking 3Inspire Groundbreaking 4Inspire Groundbreaking 2
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