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Summer Field Games

The ‘Summer Field Games’ was created after the successful winter Office Olympics. The earlier competition brought out everyone’s team spirit, competitive side, and some creative reminders to have fun at work. We wanted to create a summer version that would embody Iconica’s team environment and fun culture. Employees were able to take a break from the daily routine and get to know their team members better over some friendly competition.

The summer field games was just as inventive both in sport and materials. Each game is created with a unique adaptation to equal the playing field for everyone to participate in. “Playing the games with co-workers is an equal mix of lighthearted rivalry and collective encouragement.” Laurie Nelson, Project Assistant.

Sports events:
Flamingo ring toss
Pool Noodle Javelin
Angry Birds
Mini Golf

“The results are always unexpected although I tried to blame my failure to medal on the wind, uneven duct tape assembly, or from laughing too much.” Kathy Pientka, Operations Administrator

The Winners of each game are:
Flamingo ring toss – Ryan Thorsen – Intern
Pool Noodle Javelin – Alan Theobald – Architect
Angry Birds – Cody Van Haren – Project Manager
Mini Golf – Dan Dehnert – Electrical Engineer

The favorite game to play was the life-size version of Angry Birds. Slingshots, dodgeballs, and boxes seemed to really hit everyone’s desire to play, though it was not the easiest game. “It looked easy, but as I ended that game with “Zero Points,” I had to take the long walk of shame to the gallery,” said Alan Theobald, architect. The winner of the game, Cody Van Haren, added, “Who doesn’t like using a giant slingshot to break stuff?” The design group also receives a special mention for the most participants from their department.

Stay tuned for the next office sporting event.

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