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Jim and Ace Truck

Meet ACE, the Iconica Food Truck!

Tough times often help us refocus and rearrange our priorities. The team at Iconica spent a good number of months in early 2020 thinking about our vision, our mission, and our values. Like most people we know, we believe the relationships we build as we complete our work are just as important as the offices, apartments, and clinics we build. We strive to create cooperative partnerships where we can provide the greatest positive impact on our clients’ businesses.

As we thought about things we like to do such as celebrating a business anniversary, saying thank you to a client for trusting us to design their new office, or taking lunch to our team and subcontractors at a job site, we began to see a pattern. Most of these activities involved food and cheery gatherings (remember those?). Then we realized, what better way to ramp up those activities and bring our vision, mission and values to life than with a food truck?

To be clear, we haven’t really done much (any) cooking in our truck yet. Rather we’ve partnered with some past clients to provide safely boxed food for us to hand out while distancing outside. But, hey, it’s still social and we love it!

As the weather gets warmer and more group events and gatherings open up, watch for more outings with the big blue truck. We even see the possibility of ACE out supporting local community missions and events. So, whether you are a past, present, or future client, a partner, or a subcontractor with Iconica, we hope to see you around!

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