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Iconica Completes Aster Memory Care in Mequon

Aster Memory Care in MequonWe at Iconica are proud to have played a major role in creating a preeminent senior care facility.

Aster Memory Care of Mequon began construction in early October of 2014 and is opening its doors on September 3, 2015. Residents will enjoy the special touches and luxurious elements that Iconica’s design and construction team, along with Ashford Martin Corporation, the facility’s operator, created for this special facility.

Aster Memory Care has 40 fully furnished units with private baths and flat screen TVs, a grand two-story fireplace in the atrium, a professionally landscaped walking terrace, two elegant dining rooms, and gathering spaces with furniture designed especially for assisted living. Beyond the homelike appearance lies advanced medical equipment to support and comfort the residents.

The exterior design expresses a contemporary prairie style. Natural stone and brick anchor the base of the building with stone wrapping the columns of the spacious entryway. Raised roofs at the corners and entries contrast the single-story, low profile areas and create dimensional interest. The siding colors are calming: soft green which blends with the surrounding nature, and cream that adds a clean, classic feel. Large windows overlook the surrounding Mequon neighborhood, bringing in plenty of light and providing the residents with pristine views of tall pines, gardens and green spaces. Clerestory windows in the resident common areas pull in daylight to cheer the interiors.

Great Design Meets Great Care

Aster Memory Care in MequonBeginning in the early design sessions, Iconica leveraged the 40 years of professional nursing and senior care experience of Patti Martin, President of Ashford Martin. Patti addressed the unique needs of residents living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s by dividing the resident rooms into two neighborhoods, with each neighborhood having its own dedicated care members serving kitchen, dining area, and living room.

Separate neighborhoods allow staff better visibility, and therefore better care, of the residents. They also allow the staff to better bond with each resident, as if they were their own family member or close friend. A good staff-to-resident ratio of 35 staff to 40 residents ensures that everyone is attended to as needed. Homelike, residential care on a personal level.

The building also houses a state-of-the-art feature— a Sensory Room where tenants who are suffering from behavioral issues due to their dementia can go with a staff member to calm down and regroup. The room has special lighting, sounds, and furnishings that help the person re-set themselves and adjust their emotions. Patti has experienced remarkable results. “Often, after just a few minutes, the person comes out ready to proceed with the day.”

The demand for quality senior care facilities is growing, and Mequon is no exception. Aster Memory Care is a much-welcomed addition to Mequon, and our team at Iconica is honored to be part of both the design and construction of a facility which will provide care and support to many families for years to come.

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