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“The top benefit of our integration team is we are able to resolve and execute change quickly. Our delivery process is much more seamless due to our integration. To top it off, our staff are learning multiple disciplines and because of that we are all better professionals.”

“Externally, I can look a client in the eye and tell them I am helping them get the best value from their dollar. We make our clients part of that team. We listen to them and we understand their why and then strive to deliver on it.”

“The advantages of integration are that egos are checked at the door. Everyone can bring ideas, questions, within or outside of their discipline. People truly work together at Iconica without fear of being vulnerable and because of that we are not vulnerable, we are all working together for solutions.”

“Our integration structure, it’s not a single designer or project manager carrying the torch. It’s an entire team who understands and commits to the project from design, estimating, construction, project assistance to the finish.”

“Best compliment a client can give us is that we made it easy for them.”

“Integration and communication are in our blood. We would not want it any other way because projects are more successful and easier for you.”

“We ask many questions to formulate a plan for design and budget. The knowledge and strategy will align with the result you want. Learning from the beginning about your business model gives us an inside edge.”

“We handle all aspects of your project – design, engineering, and construction, from start to finish while you focus on running your business.”

“Throughout the course of the project, the Iconica team listened to our needs as well as those of our tenants and thoughtfully developed solutions to all of our concerns.  They communicated clearly among all involved, keeping us in the loop and documenting both decisions and progress.”

“This is my third building with Iconica, and this was the most complex project we have completed together. It was a complicated construction project due to the location, structural engineering, parking ramp, and tenant amenities. Iconica made it happen, I had trust in the integrated team for my building. This is a long term investment I wanted done right.”


“Engineering – we’ll help you understand the differences between each system, materials, and how they impact your project’s performance and life cycle costs.”

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