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Your story is unique to you. We guarantee our conversation will be different. Let’s talk. Call us at 608-664-3500.

We don’t know your story yet; but that being said, we typically work with clients that have experienced fatigue in developing prior projects.

Clients discuss their frustrations with us about architects and general contractors not getting along. When communication is lacking, it tends to be about missed details or a finger pointing on who’s at fault. Change orders are the norm and requests for additional funds come up out of the blue. New clients share with us how they were forced to raise more equity and go back to their bank in past projects and that left them very frustrated.

We’re here to turn that around. Give us a call to get started.

Your Story

“Throughout the course of the project, the Iconica team listened to our needs as well as those of our tenants and thoughtfully developed solutions to all of our concerns.  They communicated clearly among all involved, keeping us in the loop and documenting both decisions and progress.”

Joseph Alexander

“This is my third building with Iconica, and this was the most complex project we have completed together. It was a complicated construction project due to the location, structural engineering, parking ramp, and tenant amenities. Iconica made it happen, I had trust in the integrated team for my building. This is a long term investment I wanted done right.”


Dale Benjamin
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