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Meet The Team: David Meinholz

Meet the Team: David Meinholz, Electrical EngineerDavid Meinholz joined us one month ago as an Electrical Engineer. We interviewed him on his experience so far.

How long have you been an Electrical Engineer?
Fifteen years

What led you to the engineering field?
I really liked problem solving ever since I can remember. I knew I wanted to get into engineering and decided once I was in college that power distribution was where I wanted to specialize. It ties in with construction and I love to build things and understand how they work.

What are a couple things that stand out to you now that you have been here for a month?
Teamwork here is really proactive. I enjoy the weekly collaborative meetings. At some of my prior employers, the collaboration and project team engagement was not as high as it is here. I also see how the integration with architectural and construction staff works. That is really holistic for any project.

We go through client focused solutions, the accountable teams, and answering the why frequently. I can see how this is beneficial to the client and final project outcome. I have also enjoyed the mentorship from co-workers in my department. People are happy to explain background/history on projects to me.

How is this helpful in your work?
It’s very positive. Instead of things being very cookie cutter, we are designing to meet client needs. Not just check it off the list and move on. There is more care involved not just code minimums. The design solutions are constructible not just for design intent.

What have you learned about our ‘Iconica Values’?
I was impressed that the owner met with me personally when I started and we went through Iconica’s values. I was encouraged that the company values are being implemented top to bottom. They are being used in business every day.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Vegetable gardening, volleyball, soccer and one of my newest hobbies, beekeeping. I really enjoy learning how to work with them, in many ways it is the opposite of engineering. I have many years of work ahead of me to truly understand more about bees, hives, and care of them.

What would you say to anyone considering working with Iconica?
I think everyone here seems to have a good attitude and is positive about their work and direction of the company.

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