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What is a Design Charrette?

  A design charrette is a short, collaborative meeting during which a member or client can share their work with team members. They can talk through, collaborate, and sketch designs to explore and share diverse design ideas. Charrette, a French word…

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Jim and Ace Truck

Meet ACE, the Iconica Food Truck!

Tough times often help us refocus and rearrange our priorities. The team at Iconica spent a good number of months in early 2020 thinking about our vision, our mission, and our values. Like most people we know, we believe the…

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Meet Ethan Mahoney

Meet the Team: Ethan Mahoney

Your name: Ethan Mohoney What do you do at Iconica? Architectural designer. How long have you worked here? 7 years. What do you love about your job? It plays to many of my natural interests and strengths. I’ve been interested…

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Meet the Team: Alan Theobald

Your name: Alan Theobald How do you fit in at Iconica? I joined the architectural department in 1994 and have since had a number of different roles. My favorite part of my job is working with our field staff to…

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Meet the Team Cody Switchenberg

Meet the Team: Cody Schwichtenberg

Your name: Cody Schwichtenberg What do you do at Iconica: Construction Project Manager How long have you worked here: A bit over 2 years What do you love about your job? Being able to have a flexible work schedule and…

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