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Going green. It’s more than just using recycled and renewable materials. It’s about long-term operational savings — in terms of cost savings, environmental savings and employee retention and productivity. We push our sustainable design and construction practices to create spaces that exceed indoor environmental quality standards while reducing the burden on the earth’s natural resources. To that end, we have experience designing and building sustainable projects in office, distribution centers, retail, resorts, high-tech and clinical settings.

Iconica believed in incorporating cost-effective, sustainable and energy efficient features into our projects long before the advent of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Our integrated team of design and construction professionals is uniquely equipped to design your building holistically, an essential ingredient to a cost effective sustainable solution. We are members of USGBC and WGBA and have LEED-accredited professionals in the architectural, engineering and construction disciplines. Having stake holders at the design table ensures LEED levels are met and dollars spent wisely. The result is an integrated approach to sustainable design and construction that achieves results difficult to beat.


Our emphasis is on energy efficiency, energy cost, proper amounts of outside air, ventilation effectiveness and of course life-cycle cost.


We received an Excellence in Daylighting Award from the National Daylighting Center in New York for the TomoTherapy Headquarters.


We have extensive experience utilizing leading edge technologies such as energy recovery, dedicated outside air mechanical systems and advanced air filtration to maximize indoor air quality, health and productivity.


We gained experience through the process of achieving LEED-EB silver for the Athena office building. We can apply the lessons learned to your project.

  • Landscaping and site management
  • Purchasing of green equipment, furnishings and supplies for office operations
  • Green cleaning
  • Construction and ongoing operations waste management


We understand what it takes to earn the credits and our integrated approach to design and construction will result in the level of certification you are seeking, in the most cost efficient way possible.