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The challenge of design and construction became simple and streamlined through the vastly intuitive integrated approach.

How do we know this approach works? Our client told us so. After completing the Ruth’s Chris Steak House project, Ruth’s corporate team marveled at the level of design and attention to detail. Especially given that it was also on time and on budget. Ruth’s Chris corporate philosophy allowed for relatively open design standards – Iconica capitalized on that freedom and pushed each discipline, while working together under one roof. That’s how the power of true integration solves problems. That’s how the Ruth’s Chris patron can savor a meal they’ll not soon forget.

The owner asked us to make a significant change after we were pouring foundations. Only through a single point of accountability could we solve this challenge and continue to meet project goals. A traditional design-bid-build model would have to stop the project to allow for redesign, losing time and money.

Founded in New Orleans, Ruth’s Chris likes to meld southern and local “flavors” within individual restaurants. Iconica incorporated a New Orleans style with Midwestern-based materials. The brand was maintained using silo and corncrib exterior design elements with New Orleans artwork celebrating the interior.

The interior was inspired by Arts and Crafts and Prairie Style design. Enduring. Inclusive. Welcoming. The use of natural materials and inviting finishes such as Venetian plaster and quarter-sawn oak paneling create an environment as delicious as the menu.