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Attention to detail. More than a phrase, it’s a work ethic. For resorts and waterparks like Kalahari Resort Wisconsin Dells, the consistent attention to detail is what truly captures the essence of the southern African desert and brings it to life. Our design teams immersed themselves in the patterns, textures and colors found in the art and culture of this African region and, with consultation from construction, applied them to formulate a great buildable plan.

Designed and built in multiple phases, the indoor waterpark allowed the owner to measure success one section at a time, resulting in one of the largest and most successful waterpark resorts in the country. Planning, communication and clear and concise construction documents enable us to complete projects like this on time and on budget. It’s a testimony to our ability to understand what our clients want and share in their success.

Through integration we keep communication continuous with the owner so we can continue growing and improving on the brand and delivering construction seamlessly. This project has been recognized as one of the industry’s most successful and is currently in its sixth phase and still going strong.