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Built on a site that the Madison Urban Planning Board felt needed to be revitalized, the building’s design was kept low, and thereby inviting to pedestrians, while the use of rich materials resulted in a building that appears to not have a “backside.” The idea was to create the feeling of a composition of smaller buildings rather than one large structure. In a sense, tenants have their own building facade and identity. Hard building surfaces were softened with landscaping and outdoor patios helped create a relaxing atmosphere. Rain gardens were incorporated into parking areas to filter contaminates from storm water, allowing them to permeate into the soil rather than run off into the lakes.


The design challenge was to create a single building but design each space as an individual retail storefront while maintaining a cohesive appearance overall. The location of the building allowed it to be viewed from all sides, so the design had to be aesthetically pleasing from every angle. Our integration allowed us to fine-tune design elements while solving engineering issues simultaneously, saving the client additional costs.