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The layered concept of this premier building allows it to stand out among its fellow residents on a busy traffic corridor. The 93,000-square-foot mixed-use building is home to a variety of occupants: a salon and spa, cosmetic dentist, commercial real estate development company, personal training facility and bank. And while the tenants are certainly different in their occupations, there exists a cohesive experience throughout the individual spaces. Iconica approaches our clients as team members. Doing so, we not only achieve the individual project end-goals, but more important, we help define the vision that creates a space to meet each of their very different end-users’ needs.


This project had an issue arise with the fabrication of the metal panels, which could have seriously compromised the project schedule. But with all disciplines in-house, a plan to alter construction sequencing was wwweloped. This allowed the panels to be installed much later, while the project remained on schedule. Integration enabled multiple bid packages to secure materials at a better cost, allowed design to start early, and ultimately turned the building over to the owner sooner.


Given that this building had a basement and the soil and hydraulic conditions on the site were less than desirable, we were forced to explore non-standard construction techniques. A unique and affordable subsurface drainage and structural system was designed which provided watertight protection for the basement and underground parking and the required support for the three-story building above.