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On approach, the 86,000-square-foot office building sits atop a slight rise, with an entrance framed by a large oak tree. A three-story glass wall provides a focal point for the exterior and a vantage point for the interior. The open-concept lobby houses the entry for the multiple tenants – with cherry, maple and earth tones serving as the welcoming backdrop.

Looking around, you know that inspiration happens here. The office space features a layout, materials, colors and textures that testify to the work that is created within the walls. Skylights, glass walls, curtain wall filters and clerestories allow in light, reducing energy costs and boosting a pleasant work environment by bringing the outdoors in. The corridors and halls bend to invite occupants to go further, intersecting lines create interest and color, patterns and materials produce a highly visual experience. When all is said and done, the use of premium materials was kept affordable by our proprietary project-cost database and locating suitable design and product alternatives.

For this first LEED-EB-certified building in the Midwest, Iconica used alternative materials extensively during the remodel. Whenever possible, materials were reused or new materials were specified with recycled content or from rapidly renewable resources.

This multi-use office space was named the first ever LEED-EB-certified building in the Midwest.