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Under Armour is an iconic athletic brand known for their clothing, design and ties to sports teams. With their new partnership with the University of Wisconsin in 2016, they needed a retail store close to the UW campus. The project was a collaboration between the brand, Iconica design and construction teams along with the site owner, M & A Towers. Where once a parking lot, bar entrance, and an old cafeteria stood is now a beautiful building housing the standout clothing retailer for UW sports fans.

The complicated engineering and construction work was managed by Project Manager, Mike Walters.  He ensured the schedule, design, quality and all staff and sub-contractors worked together productively on the difficult project. Walters said, “There was a high volume of concerns on this job, I was really proud of how everyone worked through them and how happy the client was at the end. It is a beautiful building now where there was nothing before.”

Lead Designer, Jenny Dechant headed up not only the design process and work but also all of the City of Madison requirements for zoning review process, updating the Certified Survey Map, site plan approval, and multiple Urban Design Commission reviews. This included updated multiple easements, and getting the required consensus between building owners, attorneys, utility companies and city officials. Jenny brought together Under Armour’s corporate architect, the mechanical engineer with Iconica’s plans and the city staff.

With the tight construction schedule, the building was finished on time for the Badger football season. The ending result is a new sophisticated space includes two levels of retail space with a large, central staircase, the focal point from all viewing points. Large amounts of glass, red metal panels, natural wood paneling and lighting show off the retail clothing and accessories. Polished concrete floors finish off the contemporary look of the interior design. The sentiment is vibrant, athletic, and persuasive to buyers.

Under Armour was thrilled with the timeline kept, the beautiful store and their brand highlighted in Madison, Wisconsin. See our blog post here and video below for the whole construction process.