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Remodeling Inside Of Iconica Building

Iconica: Learning from the Experience of Others – and Ourselves

Over the years, Iconica has designed and built literally millions of square feet of office space – dozens of ground up, multi-story, multi-tenant buildings and many hundreds of individual tenant buildouts and remodels. We have our clients to thank. They’ve been our best teachers, providing rich insight to their operations, cultures, and preferences. The feedback they provide strengthens us in our quest to deliver the easiest building experience and the best project results.

A second wealth of knowledge comes to us from our vendors. They have access to exponentially more office users and are constantly researching new options for all aspects of office space from furniture to finishes and lunchrooms to lighting. Heating and cooling systems, particularly controls, and office technology are additional areas of interest for our engineers. We benefit from the efforts of our vendors and are able to incorporate new, but field tested, products in our designs.

And a third set of information comes from our own practice. Our staff size grew dramatically over the years, then scaled back during the recession. Now we’re in a period of slow but steady growth again and are blessed with new and exciting projects. The staffing changes combined with changes in technology and how we integrate on projects has caused us to remodel and expand our own space numerous times. Every time, we test out some new ideas, systems or products. Experiencing what we design allows us to make highly qualified recommendations and gives our clients the opportunity to come over and experience some of the options we’re discussing.

During the last couple of months, we’ve been adding a few new offices. We’re trying out eight different light fixtures, providing thru-office daylighting, and living through our own renovations, which provides customer experience empathy that translates to our project delivery.

If you are curious to see our office lab, or if you want to go over some ideas for your own project, please stop in.  We are always interested in new ideas!