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Iconica Employee Success

Employee Success

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At Iconica, one of our core values is employee success; one component of employee success is helping our employees excel by providing a challenging yet fun work environment. And as part of that fun environment, we want to celebrate our successes!  We take time out to celebrate and recognize our achievements and milestones.  Recently, we have had a lot to celebrate!

Jeff Eaton, Kathy Pientka, Scott Fehrman and Alan Theobald are all reaching 20 years of service with Iconica this year.  We cannot thank these employees enough for their continued service and dedication to Iconica.  We were able to celebrate with an Iconica “roast” for Jeff Eaton and an Iconica “this is your life” for Kathy Pientka.  We enjoyed these opportunities to celebrate with Jeff and Kathy, and we look forward to upcoming celebrations for Scott and Alan.

Recently, two of our Project Managers, Zain Heitz and Mike Walters, were promoted to Senior Project Manager.  At Iconica, we strive to provide challenging professional growth opportunities for every employee in exchange for their embracing the values of the company each and every day.  Both Zain and Mike are perfect examples of individuals who embrace the Iconica values each and every day.

Congratulations to all of our employees!  We look forward to many more celebrations!