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Focusing On Energy And Building Costs

Focusing on Energy and Building Costs

“HVAC and Lighting are the biggest power users of a building” The national average of complaints to landlords are about heating, and cooling problems is forty eight percent. Adding to that, "Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) account for approximately 40 percent of a commercial building's energy use. Smart system design or upgrading can be a very effective way to reduce energy costs and /or increase comfort." HVAC systems can…

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Iconica: Learning From The Experience Of Others – And Ourselves

Iconica: Learning from the Experience of Others – and Ourselves

Over the years, Iconica has designed and built literally millions of square feet of office space – dozens of ground up, multi-story, multi-tenant buildings and many hundreds of individual tenant buildouts and remodels. We have our clients to thank. They’ve been our best teachers, providing rich insight to their operations, cultures, and preferences. The feedback they provide strengthens us in our quest to deliver the easiest building experience and the…

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Iconica’s Construction Superintendent Values And Shares Experience

Iconica’s Construction Superintendent Values and Shares Experience

After almost 35 years, Iconica’s Fehrman still learning on the job   By: Jessica Stephen, Special to The Daily Reporter   Scott Fehrman’s attachment to the trades started early. “My dad was a sheet metal worker,” he said. “I remember being in kindergarten — our school was right down the road from where he worked — and every day after school I would stop in to see him. “I remember…

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Beyond Play: What My Survey Revealed— By Kathy Pientka

Beyond Play: What My Survey Revealed— by Kathy Pientka

Without a doubt, everyone on our team loves one or both: designing and building. The passion shows in how we speak, how we operate, and even in what we have sitting around on our desks. Some of us have legos, some little models, some have samples of interesting materials, and others keep small building parts.  So, it wasn’t a big surprise when I got a tremendous response to the internal…

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Construction Labor Shortage: Why Is It Happening, And How Do We Fix It?

Construction Labor Shortage: Why is it happening, and how do we fix it?

You may have heard the grumblings throughout the construction industry about the difficulty in finding skilled laborers – from design all the way through construction – and the issues that this shortage causes. Challenges that have dramatically increased following the recent recession such as missed deadlines, lower quality workmanship, and increased errors are now forcing us to reevaluate the approaches that we take in hiring our own talent, selecting subcontractors,…

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The First Step in a Great Space: Take Your Time for Thorough Predesign— Part #2

In our last post, we discussed why we feel so passionate about predesign. Here we take a look at some game-changing examples where clients asked us to step in and help them plan their spaces, and then we helped them to clear obstacles to project success. Dental Office A dentist client wanted to gain momentum in her new practice by opening in January, when her clients would be using their…

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The First Step in a Great Space: Take Your Time for Thorough Predesign

Well-conceived architectural design allows you to create energy or instill calm, hones your operational footprint, and supports your biggest asset – your employees. It probes from every angle in order to preserve options for future business growth and change, and it is ever-cognizant of cost. The crucial first step is the seldom seen, holistic analysis that sets the stage for exceeding expectations: predesign. Predesign is where your architect gains an…

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Beyond Location, Location, Location

Site Selection involves much more than where. Today we were thinking about some of the factors that go into site selection and what you should consider – especially if you’re not using the services of a broker. Cost – Obviously! Cost of land, cost of site improvements, cost of relocation, cost (including time involved) of entitlements (the dreaded approval process) Demolition of existing structures above and below ground including any…

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How To Design Your Space With Brand In Mind: 3 Considerations

How to Design Your Space with Brand in Mind: 3 Considerations

Patients of Dr. Nicole Anderson love coming to their appointments at Artisan Dental. They appreciate the care and attention that they receive, and they also love the physical space and relaxing atmosphere. Their response is no accident. Before a single line was drawn, Dr. Anderson thoroughly and passionately discussed her vision for her new practice and the corresponding physical space with our team at Iconica. We promised to help her…

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