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Iconica: Learning From The Experience Of Others – And Ourselves

Iconica: Learning from the Experience of Others – and Ourselves

Over the years, Iconica has designed and built literally millions of square feet of office space – dozens of ground up, multi-story, multi-tenant buildings and many hundreds of individual tenant buildouts and remodels. We have our clients to thank. They’ve been our best teachers, providing rich insight to their operations, cultures, and preferences. The feedback they provide strengthens us in our quest to deliver the easiest building experience and the…

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7 Ways To Keep Your Building In Shape

7 Ways to Keep Your Building in Shape

Written by Quality Control Manager, Brent Douglas 1. Inspect and maintain sealants. Sealants are often used around windows, doors, pipes and grilles to help prevent water and air infiltration. They are also used where exterior building materials change such as between a precast sill (ledge) and the abutting wall material. Depending on your climate, they are exposed to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. They are subject to movement and drying.…

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The First Step in a Great Space: Take Your Time for Thorough Predesign— Part #2

In our last post, we discussed why we feel so passionate about predesign. Here we take a look at some game-changing examples where clients asked us to step in and help them plan their spaces, and then we helped them to clear obstacles to project success. Dental Office A dentist client wanted to gain momentum in her new practice by opening in January, when her clients would be using their…

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The First Step in a Great Space: Take Your Time for Thorough Predesign

Well-conceived architectural design allows you to create energy or instill calm, hones your operational footprint, and supports your biggest asset – your employees. It probes from every angle in order to preserve options for future business growth and change, and it is ever-cognizant of cost. The crucial first step is the seldom seen, holistic analysis that sets the stage for exceeding expectations: predesign. Predesign is where your architect gains an…

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How To Design Your Space With Brand In Mind: 3 Considerations

How to Design Your Space with Brand in Mind: 3 Considerations

Patients of Dr. Nicole Anderson love coming to their appointments at Artisan Dental. They appreciate the care and attention that they receive, and they also love the physical space and relaxing atmosphere. Their response is no accident. Before a single line was drawn, Dr. Anderson thoroughly and passionately discussed her vision for her new practice and the corresponding physical space with our team at Iconica. We promised to help her…

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Does Your Space Speak Your Language?

Does your space speak your language?

You might describe your company as progressive or conservative, leading-edge or well-established. Does your space say the same? Your building exterior and interior can convey your brand as clearly as your product or service. But why should you care? Consider the last place you entered for a service or business transaction. What was your impression? Did the environment dictate the outcome? Consciously or unconsciously, you likely made a decision about…

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